Family Dentistry Quincy, MA

We provide complete dental services for every member of the family. From regular care of children’s teeth beginning at around age three to fixed bridges to replace missing teeth, we are able to be your reliable source of comprehensive family dental care. This way we are able to build relationships with our patients where we truly get to know them and they get to be totally comfortable with us.

Among the many specific services we provide in addition to routine dental needs are:

  • Child Dentistry– We treat children of all ages, usually beginning at age three. Of course, if your child is having a problem with their teeth or gums before that age, we would be happy to help.
  • Dentures – Full dentures and partial (removable) dentures. Immediate and temporary dentures. Same day repairs and relines.
  • Root canals – We will do root canals on most teeth. Again, we can use “Novocain” or general anesthesia.
  • Extractions (non Impacted) – We can do extractions for you using local (Novocain) anesthesia or with general anesthesia.
  • Periodontal – Beyond just cleaning your teeth, we can treat mild to moderate periodontal disease.
  • Cosmetic – Veneers, crowns, bonding, whitening
  • Tooth colored fillings available for back teeth – We can do direct (in the office) tooth colored fillings on some posterior teeth, and we can do indirect (involving a dental lab) tooth colored porcelain fillings on some posterior teeth.
  • Fixed bridges – We can replace missing teeth in some cases with a non-removable bridge attached to your teeth or IMPLANTS.
  • Oral Sedation and General Anesthesia – Our goal is to make your visits as comfortable as possible, no matter what the procedure or your own level of anxiety.