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Clear Aligners Quincy, MA

Today, orthodontic options are available for people of all ages. From early intervention to limit a child’s risk of orofacial irregularities, to Clear Aligners for a new retiree, the advantages of having a healthier smile are priceless!

Oral Health Advantages of Getting Orthodontic Treatment

A properly aligned bite is less susceptible to problems like:

Joellyn Ferro, DMD may recommend orthodontic therapy as part of your treatment plan to help you better manage other underlying dental concerns.

Invisible Braces in Quincy

The most popular type of invisible or clear braces are Invisalign and Clear Aligners. Instead of using brackets and wires, rigid trays nudge the teeth into alignment. You simply switch your set out every two weeks to continue your tooth movement.

With Clear Aligners, you can straighten your teeth without other people realizing that you’re in braces. Plus, they’re easy to clean, so you won’t need any special oral hygiene aids to brush and floss.

Do I Need to See a Specialist (Orthodontist?)

Quincy dentist, Dr. Joellyn Ferro provides adult and teen orthodontics in our family dental practice. As a comprehensive provider, we’re able to make it more convenient for everyone in your household to get orthodontic services in a central location. If your situation is complex, we can refer you to a nearby specialist. However, most moderate to mild corrections are completed in our office.